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2012-2013 Featured Performers

We invite you to take a very close look at what awaits you live on stage in McKinney. Agents, entertainers, and other concert associations are in
awe of the length and quality of our seasons.

McKinney Community Concerts, Inc presents the 2012-2013 performers...

September 8, 2012
Billy Dean Trio
The "James Taylor of Country Music"

Billy Dean Trio
Accolades prove Dean is one of the best:
ACM’s Top Songwriter, Top Song, and Top New Male Vocalist. 11 Top Ten Singles,
5 #1’s and a Grammy

October 13, 2012
Greg Bonham & Band
"The Australian Whirlwind"

Greg Bonham
Greg was an international superstar when he blew in to Las Vegas. He opened shows for Jay Leno, Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, etc. His Vegas headliner will charm you with his accent, soaring voice, sizzling trumpet. The rock anthem finale will bring you to your feet. It's a "G" day for us.

November 3, 2012
David Osborne Trio
"Pianist to the Presidents"

David Osborne Trio
David has performed for every president from Reagan to Obama. Now it is our turn for an evening of classical, romantic, broadway and pop. The “master of the romantic piano” is joined by drummer/vocalist Paul Stubbleeld (Sly, the Family Stone). Danny Morales is bassist. WOW! Two Las Vegas shows in one season!

December 1, 2012
The Four Freshman
"A Fresh New Christmas"

The Four Freshman
64 Years - 24 personnel changes each hand-picked by the late Bob Flannigan, an original "frosh" and owner. The industy says the current Freshmen are the best, and name them America's #1 Vocal and Instrumental Quartet. Not bad when the originals were college dropouts whose first two releases were duds. They got their act together in 1952 with Its a Blue World. It's their sound - a trademark mix of tight harmonies, keen jazz instincts and tremendous joviality. The excitement of swing and the beauty of yuletide songs.

January 12, 2013
The Liverpool Legends

The Liverpool Legends
Do not confuse this group of Beatles with the beatlemania sweeping the world. This group is endorsed by George Harrison whose role is played by Marty Scott. They are a major Branson Attraction.

February 2, 2013

Six, aka The Knudsen Brothers, take musical entertainment to a whole new level using only their voices. You will swear there is a full band on stage, look again! It’s only Owen, Lynn, Kevin, Jak, Barry and Curtis, and you didn’t have to drive to Branson to enjoy this spectacular show. Wow! Two Branson shows in one season!

March 2, 2013
The Doo Wah Riders

The Doo Wah Riders
Thanks to PBS, there is a resurgence in the popularity of doo-wah and doo-wop music, and we landed the best. That sets the Riders apart from similar country shows, is the unique Cajun twist. Coupled with their great stage presence, this is a real crowd pleaser - classic bus included!

There it is! Two top-notch country concerts, two of the best Branson shows,
two Las Vegas sell-outs and the #1 vocal & instrumental quartet.
Plus, you will hear the same music Ronnie, the two Georges, Gerald, Jimmy, Bill, and Barak enjoyed.
Now it is up to you.
First, renew your membership - then sell all your friends, and people who aren't friends.

Christ Fellowship will give us sanctuary while MISD completes a bond project.
You will enjoy the many amenities - the well-lit parking and walks and High Connections Coffee House.

Christ Fellowship
2801 Orchid Drive
McKinney, Texas 75070

We invite you to join McKinney Community Concerts, Inc.
and enrich the cultural life of our community!

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Concert Times and Directions
All concerts begin at 7:30 PM at Christ Fellowship Church.
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